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Make Hyperbolic Tilings of Images
Does what the title says.

Prime Shooter
Shoot some primes!

Find out some interesting facts about numbers.

Circle Circle Dot Dot
My current favourite song, and the best music video I have ever seen.

MR: Collaboration Distance
Find the Erdös number of your lecturers or the separation between them and practically anyone else.

Borat's guide to Britain
Borat slaps someone for telling an appalling maths-based joke on his guide to Britain.

A youtube channel looking at different interesting numbers and areas of maths.

Tim Gowers Weblog
A great mathematical based weblog written by Tim Gowers

The Crystal Maze Spoof Show
Amusing spoof from Lincoln University.

Simple Group (of Order Two)
Great maths song sung by The Klein Four. Many more songs by them on youtube.

I'm on a slope
Another maths song but this one is for those fans of Lonely Island.

Baths and Quarks
One awesome lecturer in a bath pondering the facts of the universe.